Education is the core program of the Foundation. Plans include an annual "Academy," community education, a fellowship program, public speaking, and an undergraduate education program that will include an internship as well as academic studies in film and media studies, story, and the dramatic arts.  The curriculum will relate the art, craft, and business of film and media to the vision and mission of the Foundation. An association with an established university is sought and is currently in discussion.

The graduate curriculum will include a course (or courses) in the four following areas:  1) film appreciation, as it relates to the vision, mission, and goal of the Foundation; 2) production/directing; 3) writing for film, television, and new media; 4) an internship, as well as independent study component.  Script analysis and screenwriting, the completion of a screenplay for a movie, understanding the social impact of film, the business of moviemaking, and the work and influence of Augusto Boal will be incorporated into the course of study.

This program is still in development.  Applications for enrollment are not yet being considered.


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